How apps change their UI easily without a huge update?

I Say It's Possible!!

Flipkart Home Page during normal days
Flipkart Home Page (pic taken from Google images)
  • The search bar at the top
  • Categories below the search
  • Deals of the day carousel
  • and so on…
Flipkart HomePage during Big Billion days (pic taken from Google Images)

Server Driven UI(SDUI).

What is Server Driven UI?

Generic API request
The high-level view of App UI

🤔 Are there any advantages of this Server Driven UI?


  1. Companies no longer need to depend on users to update the app to show a specific UI or change the UI's order.
  2. Easy shipping of new features and reusable components.

Ready to implement it

  1. JetPack Compose from Android
  2. Proteus from Flipkart
  3. Epoxy from Airbnb
  4. Litho from Facebook
  5. Graywater from Tumblr

JSON Format

"type": "Container",
"alignment": "center",
"child": {
"type": "RaisedButton",
"color": "...",
"..." : "...", }


Coming up with “How to implement SDUI with Flutter.”



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