How i made this application?

Ravi Kiran Dhulipala
2 min readDec 2, 2019
mobile application making….

when i was in second year of my B.Tech i started developing mobile applications. At that time one of my lecturer has asked me to develop this application.

He explained me the requirement to do this application. At that time i’m beginner in doing android applications and this was a huge task to me.

MOTO of this application

The main MOTO this application is to reduce effort of the student to get their result. Before this application was developed the results are display in the display boards where there is a huge paper and man work involved.


To develop an application for student to access their result quickly

To provide Examination oriented information to the student through the application

To Reduce man work and paper work

Existing System

The result website of Jntuk is the existing system for this application. It will display the results of all students for a particular examination.

Limitations of the Existing System

Displays results of all the students

Displays only the results without any information about the student.

Additions to the Existing system

Display only the results of my college.

Display the results of the student along with their profile information.

Notify the students(users) when the result is released.

Exam time-tables and Exam fee Circulars Display.

The final output made is like below

This applications was made using flutter a Google UI toolkit

For more info on creating your first flutter application




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